23 Procurement brief (Odoo (Open ERP) Basics)

Odoo Présentation

Odoo is one of the first Open Source ERP All-In-One solutions, which is affordable & still easy to use. The best thing: It can be tailored to meet your company´s needs.
2.000.000 Odoo users have the same opinion.

This video is part of a 7,5h video course about Odoo Version 8. Gain a comprehensive Understanding of Odoo ERP To Work With The System On A Daily Basis & Educate Others. You can also join the course on Udemy to have an advanced video learning experience.

My background is the international music industry. Project management was one of my first fields of responsibility. Later on I started to book artists and took over some parts of radio, print and TV promotion. In the end marketing became my business. 2014 i was assigned to proceed a global switch of a European corporation to a new ERP-Software: implementing, customize it together with a specialized tech-agency. In May 2015 i launched my video course Odoo (Open ERP) on Udemy.

Patrick Körting

Drop me an email in case of any questions: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-k%C3%B6rting-971a5274

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